know your genome,
know yourself  

• decipher, analyze and store
your genome
• one only test, endless information,

You think to know everything about yourself; but, really, you don't know yet
your genome!

The information contained in the genome, in your DNA, is responsible for the color of our eyes, determines what you should eat to feel good, which sport is best for you, how you respond to certain drugs, which diseases you are most predisposed to and how much, much more.

Today, with nilagenome ™, from a simple saliva sample you can easily access all this information and have it always available, at any time.

simple, innovative, forever: nilagenome

why do it now?

if you know your genome, you know yourself!
choosing to sequence and analyze your genome today with nilagenome™ you will have access to
endless useful information immediately and in the future:



to discover if in your genome there are genetic variants related to diseases or risk of diseases (oncological, cardiovascular, autoimmune, metabolic, of the immune system, neurological and much more), to be evaluated with your medical doctor


wellness and longevity

to get personalized information about nutrition, weight control, fitness and athletic performance, personality, immunity and allergies, skin and antiaging, DNA methylation, based on what is written in your genes, and to assume the most correct behaviors


carrier status

to discover if in your genome there are gene variants realted to carrier status for recessive disorders that you can pass on to offspring



to search for the presence of over 200 pharmacogenetic variants in your genome, discover how your body metabolizes certain drugs and learn how to use drugs better, for greater effectiveness and safety


digitize your genome

• to have the whole sequence of your DNA, converted into a file that represents the digital version of your genome, saved in the cloud in a safe place or on physical support, which can be consulted at any time during your whole life

• this file can be re-analyzed periodically, to obtain further information in addition to the initial ones, made available in the future thanks to the continuous progress of genomics or it can be analyzed on request to obtain specific information, whenever necessary

what you will get?

• a better knowledge of you, based on the unique information of your genome

• a real help for your health, with the support of your medical doctor

• more wellness, physical fitness and beauty

• the answers you were looking for, in your genome

• the access to the endless possibilities offered by genomics
and personalized medicine

One only test, to be performed only once in the life with a simple saliva sample, to obtain an initial report with lots of useful information and insights immediately, and to create a file that represents the digital copy of your genome, saved in the cloud or on physical support, available forever, to be consulted, analyzed and re-analyzed "on demand" countless times, whenever will be necessary, during the whole life, always obtaining new information and answers.

To really know yourself, to know what is written in your genes, to help you to determine who you are, and to allow you, with the support of your medical doctor, to make the best choices for health, wellness and beauty, to get the best possible results in sports and diet, to consciously choose drugs and much, much more.

To truly enter the era of personalized medicine, making the most correct decisions every day, based on the unique knowledge of your genome.

how it works

simple, innovative, forever: nilagenome ™



order the nilagenome ™ kit, we will send it to your home



collect a saliva sample  and book the sample collection at home, to ship to the lab


at the lab

the whole genome or the whole exome is sequenced with NGS (next generation sequencing) methods



the data obtained are processed with bioinformatics software



an initial report is provided with the results of the test



the digital copy of your whole genome or of the whole exome is saved in a safe space and can be downloaded and consulted at any time for subsequent updates and bioinformatic analyzes on demand

see all the 10 reports included in nilagenome™

with nilagenome™ all reports are included,
no hidden or additional costs

kit + shipment + test + 10 reports + raw data
personal diagnosis included 

compare us with other companies that seem to offer lower prices!

carrier status

275 +

Adams-oliver Syndrome, Short Qt Syndrome...
see the full list


12 +
categories covered

milk allergy, lactose intolerance, pollen allergy...
 see the full list


33 +
categories covered

tendency to overeat, carbohydrate intake...
see the full list


15 +
categories covered

endurance, power, exercise recovery...
 see the full list


20 +
categories covered

sun spots, atopic dermatitis, cellulite...
 see the full list


50 +
categories covered

MTHFR DNA methylation, homocysteine...
  see the full list


25 +
categories covered

leadership potential, self-esteem, intelligence...
see the full list


250 +
categories covered

metabolizer status, over 250 drug metabolism
see the full list

personal diagnosis

100 % genes covered

 based on your medical history, to give you insights tailored to you
discover more

whole exome or genome?

nilagenome™ is available in the WES and WGS versions.  

In the WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) version, the entire human exome is analyzed. The exome is the set of all 22,000 human genes. By choosing the WES version, then, you are sure to sequence and analyze all the genes that may be involved in the etiology of many diseases.

In the WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) version, the entire human genome is analyzed: the whole exome, as in WES, and also the whole non-coding portion of the genome, which makes up about 97% of the DNA. Whereas in the past it was believed that mutations in this part of the genome were not relevant in the origin of pathologies, today we know that the opposite is true. For example, the ENCODE project has already shown that many disease-related mutations are located in the non-coding portion of the genome, and not in the genes. Sequencing also the non-coding part of the genome could therefore be very useful also for future developments, when more and more significant mutations in this part of the genome will discovered.


WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) is a very good test, the most complete available today for the examination of all 22,000 human genes

WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) is the best genomic test, the most complete because it analyzes all 22,000 human genes and the whole non-coding portion of the genome.

Choosing WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) is far better than choosing any other test that only analyzes one or a few genes (genetic panels).

Choosing WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) is the best possible choice, even in the future. 

about us

nilagenome™ is offered by Nila Medica, an international biotechnology company that develops and offers innovative genomics and precision medicine services, in partnership with a US based, CLIA and CAP accredited, NGS lab.

To offer nilagenome™, Nila Medica cooperate with the most prestigious and renowned international sequencing lab, which use the most advanced next generation sequencing technology platforms (NGS) and process thousands of samples every year. The lab, has ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 certification and comply with the Privacy Shield.

Furthermore, Nila Medica cooperates with the most qualified and innovative bioinformatics and data storage analysis companies, in order to offer reliable and updated interpretations and reports and the safe storage of the digital copy of the genome.

Finally, Nila Medica can use a competent and trained doctors and geneticists network, in order to actionate the information obtained from the analysis of the genome into actions and decisions improving the quality of life and wellness.

were we are 

Via Corfù 54
25124 Brescia, Italy


 Phone: +39 0302423952 

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Le informazioni contenute nel presente sito e nei siti correlati sono volte a migliorare, e non a sostituire, il rapporto medico paziente.
Nessuna delle informazioni riportate ha lo scopo di aiutare nella diagnosi di patologie e/o di indicare possibili terapie.
Nota: nilagenome™ non è un test di genetica medica, ma un servizio per il sequenziamento, la digitalizzazione, la conservazione in forma digitale dell'intero genoma o dell'intero esoma, nonchè per l'analisi bioinfomatica dei dati ottenuti dal sequenziamento e per l'interpretazione delle varianti geniche rilevate nell'intero genoma o nell'intero esoma.
Il report fornito deve sempre essere interpretato con l'aiuto di un medico prima di prendere qualunque decisione di carattere medico o clinico.